Blog Post #1 (Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How)

What´s Happening Here?

Currently, I am taking a Multimedia production class and I am excited to learn about photojournalism and writing on the web. I have always truly enjoyed writing, but this is the first time that I will be using an outlet like WordPress to share my thoughts. I took some time to read through other blogs on WordPress and I have two pull-aways. First, I realize that the style of writing you can use isn’t limited. Second, I found that is difficult to stand out.

So first, I considered that style of writing issue. I have always been very structured in my writing and I want use listicle and pictorial forms of writing while maintaining a loose conversational structure. This will be new for me and it might take a minute for my writing to sound natural, but I am very excited to learn how to do this through my blog.

My Second point was the struggle to stand out. I think that an important piece to making sure this can  happen in my blog is by defining my own writing style. In addition, I need to learn how to use all the many multimedia areas effectively. These areas include photojournalism, video, information visualization, and most importantly, using several of these together in the most efficient and entertaining way. I believe that I will be able to gain a solid base in these skill throughout my multimedia production class and in turn produce a more put together fun blog for others to read.

Photo taken by Andres Cabrales in Oaxaca, Mexico

Though this blog I want to focus on finding a healthy balance between work and leisure. I know too many people who feel “stuck” in their day to day lives and need a little motivation to get out of the rut. I know this all to well, because I used to feel this way. I even still do feel this way sometimes. Because of this, many of my posts will be as much for me as they are for my readers. Medicine for this stuck in a rut condition, is adventure in addition to a healthy life style. I will write my posts about how traveling has changed my life as well as the places that you can go for new life perspectives and finally, idealisms that I learn along the way.

I think it would be interesting to interview groups who do annual events like the Poker Run in the snowy’s (cross-country skiing), or the Laramie Enduro Mountain bike races, because these are good ways to get involved in your community and stray from a routine. People that I could interview for this topic set would be those working in international involvement programs on and off campus. I want to take this chance to interview many people as necessary to gain a lot of perspectives on this idea of how to gain a healthy balanced life. Because this is a discussion of life style and how traveling benefits it, I will want to get a variety of perspectives and cool ideas to contribute to it.

I know this is a rough outline of what I want to blog to become, but I like it that way because I feel like now there is room for all these pieces to fall into place in a natural way. I am so excited to se this develop and see what we can learn together! Bye for now:)

Musical inspiration here 🙂


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